Dept. III: General Business Administration and Corporate Finance


Here you can find information regarding the research topics of the Chair of General Business Administration and Corporate Finance.

Research topics

Valuation of assets, particularly with regard to the approach of real options and non-financial parameters (e.g. ethical aspects); intertemporal allocation of capital (private financial budgeting); theory of capital markets in regard to behavioural sciences and theory of the micro-structure of the market; financial management of small and medium-sized businesses.

Socially Responsible Investments

Analysis of performance issues, effects of announcements with sustainability content on the share price (Event Studies), the role of NGOs on transparency and commitment of companies, organization and implementation of marketing strategies for Socially Responsible Investments, analysis of investment behaviour of large institutional investors such as foundations and pension funds related to Socially Responsible Investments, execution of empirical studies.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Valuation of measures from the area of Corporate Social Responsibility using discounted cash flow methods and real options, analysis of ratings for the detection of Corporate Social Responsibility, Valuation of individual investment activities within the operating value chain, analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility at the level of familiy-run companies, creation of web-based transparency platforms for ratings from the area of Corporate Social Responsiblity, execution of empirical studies.

Evaluation and Management of investments

Evaluation and management of large-scale plants such as wind turbines, amongst others valuation of intangible investments particularly from the area of research & development, application of real options approaches and discounted cash flow approaches, valuation of real estate in consideration of environmental and social investment components (Green Buildings).

Risk analysis and risk management

Analysis of systemic risks in the field of manufacturing companies, influences of raw material risks on economic variables of companies, management of raw material price risks, weather derivatives, execution of empirical studies.

Selected research problems of SME financing

Analysis of financial planning and management processes for medium-sized and familiy-run companies at the interface between private and entrepreneur household, integration of special behavioral explanatory approaches in over- and underinvestment operations, corporate crisis, specific features in international accounting.

Network Finance

Analysis of specific risk structures in network-like cooperations, which are optimized by means of financial theoretical explanation and solution models.

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