Letters of Recommendation

Information on requesting letters of recommendation at the Department of Marketing

In order to apply for a letter of recommendation, you have to have completed at least one class at the Department of Marketing (lecture or seminar).

Please send the following documents in one (!) file via e-mail in order to start your request:

1. Overview of current grades

2. Curriculum vitae

3. Letter of motivation or cover letter referred to the program

4. If necessary: further certificates, references etc.

Please include your name, matriculation number, degree program and the name of the university or foundation you are applying to in the e-mail.

If necessary, students might be asked to a personal interview within the process.

All students receiving letters of recommendation from the Department of Marketing are obligated to provide information on the outcome of the application process.

Please note: the processing of a letter of recommendation takes about three to four weeks, once all necessary documents are submitted. Hence, you should plan enough time for your requests to be carried out, in order to avoid any conflict with application periods.


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Andreea-Cristina Gusta

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