Project studies

Information on project studies at the Chair of Finance.

Project studies

General Information

A project study is a non-graded examination, that yields 6 ECTS upon completion. At our chair a project study includes a written report (ca.12 pages) about a financial topic. 


You can apply for a project study at any time. There are no deadlines. If you are interested, please send an e-Mail to Michaela Müller-Wittek (

To receive the credits you have to register for the exam in C@mpus within the registration period. Depending on when you start you might need to wait until you can register in C@mpus.


The topic for a project study can be choosen relatively freely. Possible topics include the topics of our lectures and seminars. We are also open for your proposals (e.g. participation in a competiton or other projects). Often it is possible to continue working on the topic of your project study in your final thesis. 


This image shows Michaela Müller-Wittek

Michaela Müller-Wittek



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