Dept. VII: Information Systems I

The „ERP-BI-Labor“ is sponsored by both chairs of Information systems and has been set up in 2008. Currently there are 15 high-quality work stations, 2 high-performace application servers, an infrastructure server and numerous applications for Enterprise Ressource Planning (ERP) and Business Intelligence (BI).

Application areas for the „ERP-BI-Labor“ for example are:

  • Performance of events for certification for students, which are financed by student fees,
  • Making infrastructure available for the courses
  • Supply ERP- and BI-Applications with case studies and test data for seminars, business games, experiments and final papers from various institutes.

Through the orientation and the support from forms of small study groups and the independency of producers and products makes an intensive and wide education for students possible. The ERP-BI Labor is available for courses from the iInstitute of Business Administration (BWI) and the institute of Economics and Law (IVR).

You find the ERP-BI-Labor in Room No. 6.018 (K2).

Keplerstraße 17, Room 6.018


This image shows Jens F. Lachenmaier

Jens F. Lachenmaier

Prof. Dr.

Academic employee

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