Institute of Business Administration

The Business Administration Institute (BWI) of the University of Stuttgart covers the subjects of business administration relevant to the interface to technology with 10 chairs (departments).

What is the BWI about?

The Institute of Business Administration (German: Betriebswirtschaftliches Institut [BWI]) focuses on the development and teaching of management knowledge and skills at the interface of business administration and technology. The BWI can look back on a very long tradition of technically oriented business administration at the University of Stuttgart: Both the founding of the institute and the establishment of the degree program 'Technically oriented Business Administration' date back to 1974. The BWI is thus a pioneer of technically oriented business studies in Germany.

The study programs business administration, information systems, and economics have also established themselves and enjoy the quality of education the institute has built in the Technically oriented Business Administration study program.

Knowledge transfer between theory and practice - GSaME

The Institute of Business Administration cultivates intensive practical contacts with medium-sized and large companies, especially in the Stuttgart region. The exchange of knowledge and people between the BWI and other institutions of the University of Stuttgart and in the Stuttgart region are just as much part of BWI's self-conception as research and teaching that are guided by national and international excellence.

The managing director of the Institute of Business Administration is Prof. Dr. Andreas Größler.

The Institute of Business Administration takes part in the Graduate School of Excellence Advanced Manufacturing Engineering.


Head of Institute

This image shows Andreas Größler

Andreas Größler

Prof. Dr.


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