The BWI-Library offers a copy machine and places for individual study.

Places for individual study
The library offers places for individual study

Group study area

The library offers several places for individual study. Besides there is a room (6.13) especially to work with fellow students.

You can access the group study area through the library. Therefore  please note the opening hours and policies of the library.

copy machine
You can access a copy machine

Copy and scan

There are two photocopy machines which can be used to copy journal articles and books.
It is possible to scan, copy and print in black and white or in color.

Using the machines requires your University of Stuttgart ID-card (Ecus).

Visitors can get a visitor printing card at the information point at the Mensa Stadtmitte
(opening hours: Monday - Friday 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.).
A fee of 10€ will be taken as a deposit.

To stow your belongings we offer lockers.


Please use the lockers nearby the library for your bags. You are not allowed to bring bags into the library.

To use the lockers you need 1€ or 2€ coins. We will be pleased to help you in case you are running out of coins.

Please note that we empty the lockers overnight. If you wish to use a locker for a longer period please contact the library staff.

The library provides several daily newspapers.


Currently we hold these newspapers:

  • Stuttgarter Zeitung
  • Finanz und Wirtschaft
  • Das Parlament

Library of the Institute of Business Administration

Keplerstraße 17, KII, 6th floor, 70174 Stuttgart

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