Department III: Finance

The Department of Finance offers Bachelor- and Masterseminars every semester on changing topics.

During the Seminar the students work scientifically on a topic in finance. They conduct an own empirical analysis based on financial data and present their results in a seminar paper and a presentation. 



The registration for the seminar takes place via the registration form. The registration deadline is usually in the first weeks after the start of the semeter. You can find the details in the respective announcment for the seminar. 

registration form

The seminar starts with a kick-off event where the topics are assigned. At the end there will be a two-day block seminar where the seminar participants present their work and discuss it together. The seminar participants will be supervised by a member from the department during the processing time. During the processing time, regular meetings with the supervisor take place, where for example, the outline, the procedure and the results can be discussed. In addition, the supervisor is available for any questions.

We strongly recommend a specialization in the field of finance. Bachelor students should have successfully completed at least one of the specialization courses in the bachelor (Corporate Finance and Investment Management), master students at least one of the master courses (Financial Markets and Risk Management and Valuation).

The topics specified in the announcement can be worked on by several students at the same time. Each student prepares his or her own written paper (approx. 12 pages) on the given topic. The presentation of the seminar papers will be done as a group work, consisting of several students who have worked on the same topic. The assignment of the groups will take place at the kick-off event.

The written work should comprise approx. 12 pages (front size 12, line spacing 1.5). Each paper must be accompanied by  signed declaration stating that the paper has been written independently and that no other devices and literature sources than those listed have been used. The BWI citation guidelines must be followed. Our guidelines for the preparation of theses can also be of assistance. The seminar paper can be written in german as well as in english. 

guidelines for the preparation of theses


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Michaela Müller-Wittek



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