Writing a Thesis

Please find here information on writing a thesis at the Department of Business Administration and Marketing.

Information on Writing a Thesis

The guidelines for writing a thesis at the Department of Business Administration and Marketing apply to all academic papers written at the department.

Guidelines for Writing a Thesis

Writing a thesis necessitates mutual trust. You commit to writing the thesis independently and without outside help. This includes marking sentences and text passages as quotes if appropriate. Quoted passages, whose origins are not specified, especially those taken from sources available on the internet, are considered to be plagiarized.

In case of plagiarism, the department reserves the right to not evaluate the thesis in whole or in part. By submitting your thesis in our department, you acknowledge this policy and agree that your thesis may be analyzed using plagiarism detection software.

Overview of Theses

Here you’ll find information on the topics for theses or seminar papers currently on offer..

Please be aware of the deadlines for applications for theses and acquaint yourself with the requirements and terms for applying for a thesis. Shortly before each application period, we publish a list of topics on offer for the different kinds of theses, which can be written in our department.


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