Exams and Recognition of Prior Exams

Dept. V: Chair of Management Accounting and Control

This page shows information regarding upcoming exams, permitted aids, recognition of prior exams from other universities and exam registration for forgien students.

Exam dates

The dates for exams (Bachelor and Master) of department V can be seen at a given time in the news and the showcase.

Permitted aids

The permitted aids for the exams are listed on the German site and in the showcase of the department.

Recognition of prior exams

For the recognition of prior exams taken at other universities, please forward the required form and additional documents (such as transcripts) to Mrs. Brett.

Details for the recognition of prior exams (in German)

Further information

International and Erasmus students

Students who want to take exams, please see the German site.

This image shows Cora-Sybill Brett

Cora-Sybill Brett

Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Team assistant

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