Industrial Intelligence

Dept. VII: Information Systems I

The mapping of real objects in digital models (digitalization) is currently prioritized in corporations because it is seen as foundation for an enhancement of resource efficiency, time-to-market and flexibility. In this connection digital product models, digital production unit models and digital factory models emerge, which primarily contain geometric and technical information.

These complement the, in corporations already established, digital representation of economic areas such as the sectors finance and accounting. All in all, complete digitally depicted factories develop. Therefore, new fields in  context of IT-based decision support emerge, which for the first time cover the complete production of goods and services holistically, hence geometric, technical and economic aspects.

The research area Industrial Intelligence addresses the sector of holistically IT-based decision support in industrial enterprises with adapted Business Intelligence concepts. The research’s object of knowledge is  how through holistic digitalization of enterprises (digital factory) an improvement of decision support can be created. The following figure serves as an overview of our research area:


The research area comprises:

  • the linking of heterogeneous source system, in special technical application systems
  • the extract, transform, and load process of non-economic data
  • the multidimensional refinement and saving in domain-specific data warehouses (mDWH and pDWH)
  • the creation of analysis templates, especially based on predictive procedures
  • the designing of interactive portals with methods of the digital factory (simulation)

Goal of the design-oriented Industrial Intelligence research is the generation and the testing of concepts which contribute to an increase of competitiveness of enterprises, hence primarily an increasing of adaptability and of resource efficiency. The research is based on a close cooperation with practical users and software producers. If there is more information you need, please contact our chair.

Research Projects

  • NAI

The research area Industrial Intelligence currently addresses the following group of themes:

Intuitive Simulation of Solutions to Support Strategic Decisions

The new generation of top managers was brought up with computer technology and does not fear interactive contact with challenging IT-systems any longer. In fact decision makers today already expect supporting systems, which- analog to interactive computer games- are equipped with comfortable user interfaces, efficient simulations and optimization functionalities and appealing presentation capabilities. First approaches demonstrate basic fields of application of simulation/ optimization in the strategic management of industrial enterprises.

Analytical CRM in Company-Wide Integrated Infrastructures

Possible design options for a process-overlapping integration of customers’ data as well as their potential are examined. The main focus is on an integration of analytical CRM with systems of product development (PDM, CAD).

Web 2.0- Technologies in Early Stages of Innovation Process

In focus of this research is the use of Web 2.0 technologies in areas of idea generation und idea selection. First concepts address the integration of idea contests etc. in BI infrastructures.


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