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General information to your request:

If you didn't find an answer to your question and you want to address the Chair, please consider the following:

  • for general information about your studies, the Chair is not the correct contact. Please contact the BWI-Servicecenter, the Admission Office or the Examination Office
  • please read our news before you contact the Chair
  • inform yourself about the correct contact person and address your message only to that person.
  • Please notice the standards of communication via e-mail, particularly:
    • significant subject 
    • correct form of address and polite manners
    • orthography.

At the ILIAS Website of the University of Stuttgart. The ILIAS-Course registration is done automaticcaly after your successful registration for the lecture and the tutorial at C@mpus.


  • Strategic Management / winter term
  • Basics of International Management / summer term
  • Intercultural Management / winter term
  • Bachelor seminar / each semester
  • Project study / each semester

  • Theory and Empirical Studies of International Business / winter term
  • Coordination Instruments and Concepts for International Firms / summer term
  • Master seminar / each semester

More information can be found at the C@mpus or at the Studienführer.

If Master students of the course Technology Management want to take the module "International Management" (31470), the lecture in the winter term "Intercultural Management" and the lecture with the tutorial in the summer term "Basics in International Management" are relevant. The tutorial "Intercultural Management" is not relevant for you.

If Master students of the course Technical Education want to take the module "International and Strategic  Management", the lecture and the tutorial in the winter term "Intercultural Management" and the lecture with the tutorial in the summer term "Basics in International Management" are relevant.

Information about the organisation of the exams at the Chair can be found at the C@mpus. For all other exams please consult the BWI-Servicecenter or the respective Chair.

Indications regarding the relevance (regardless of whether something is classified as significantly relevant or very irrelevant) of certain course topics for an exam are only in effect for the respective exam that they are made for. For all following retakes of the same exam they are no longer in effect. Chapters of a lecture which have not been discussed at all in the latest rota of the respective lecture will however also not be relevant in the case of a repeat exam.

Applications for pre-correction are basically possible, if a special reason for their necessity exists. Until the day of the exam they can be handed in informally via email (stating complete name, matriculation number, respective exam plus the reason of the pre-correction necessity) to the team member who mentors the respective course.

There is without exception a post-exam review for each exam. The dates for the post-exam reviews are published on the newsboard of the homepage.

As a rule the exams are written exams. In exceptional cases an oral exam can also be held. If and how an oral exam can take place can be discussed with the team member of the Chair who mentors the respective course. The duration of the oral exam is determined by the examination regulations. Accordingly, a written exam of 60 minutes duration can be replaced by a 20 minutes oral exam. In case a written exam is completely replaced by oral examinations, this will be announced, in accordance with the current examination regulations, at least four weeks before the date of the exam.

This is particularly relevant for international students of the Erasmus Programme or Overseas students. The oral exams take place once per semester, always at the end of the lecture period. For the registration please take heed of the respective entry on our newsboard.

You can register for exams using C@mpus of the University of Stuttgart. If you have problems registering for an exam via the portal, please contact the examination office.

The registration is usually made via e-mail (stating complete name, name of the exam and enrollment number). The time frame for registration will be announced in due time as an entry to the newsboard.

Usually, you can register for a seminar by sending an e-mail (stating full name, matriculation number and current semester) to the team member mentoring the seminar. The time frame for registration, topic and organisation of the seminar as well as possible divergences from the standard procedure will be published as an entry to the newsboard at the beginning of the registration period.

The topics are not selectable. They will attribute to seminar participants in an intern random process.

If there are so many participants, that groupwork is necessary, the groups will be assorted in an intern random process.

The guidelines can be found here.



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