AKWI 2018

Dept. VIII: Information Systems II

Arbeitskreis Wirtschaftsinformatik 2018, Adesso AG



adesso AG
Stuttgart office
Stockholmer Platz 1
70173 Stuttgart

Brief report on the working group business informatics on July 5th, 2018 at adesso AGrj

The Chair for General Business Administration and Information Systems II from Prof. Dr. Georg Herzwurm organizes the so-called Working Group on Information Systems twice a year, the aim of which is to exchange experience between theory and practice and which currently includes representatives from around 50 companies in the Stuttgart region. Lectures and discussion rounds within the scope of the working group focus primarily on selected topics in business informatics. The location of the working group on July 5, 2018 was the Stuttgart office of adesso AG. Adesso AG is one of the leading independent IT service providers in the German-speaking countries and focuses on consulting and individual software development on the core business processes of companies. The adesso Group, founded in 1997, currently has over 3,000 employees at 21 locations.

Topic of the recent event:

Tamed agility - On the way to (fr) agile planning

Agile software development has established itself in recent years. The Agile Manifesto, SCRUM and Co. are well-known and almost belong to the good tone. Startups seem to be agile by definition. But how do agile processes behave in classic organizations? How long can agile projects really be planned? Was agility just another hype? The working group business informatics and adesso AG take a look at the topic of agility. Where do we come from Where do we stand today and how will the topic develop in the future?

The event was opened by Mr. Tobias Schäfer (Chair Prof. Herzwurm) and Mr. David Märte (adesso AG). While Mr. Schäfer the participants of the working group on behalf of Prof. Dr. Greeted Georg Herzwurm, Mr. Märte gave a brief overview of adesso AG and its current service portfolio.

There followed a lecture by Dirk Jahnke (Managing Consultant and Agile Coach at adesso AG) on the topic of "Agile Transformation". In the context of an exciting report, Mr. Jahnke gave interesting insights into the introduction of agile organizational structures and agile working methods in the group and showed positive observations as well as difficulties. A key success factor in agile transformation at the organizational level is a strong commitment by the management and the establishment of an agile corporate culture.

The subsequent lecture by Stefan Schneider (Business Analyst at Netze BW GmbH) dealt with the topic of agility at project level and highlighted milestones and success factors in agile product development in an appealing field report. Despite existing hierarchical organizational structures in the group, it was possible to develop agile within the framework of a cleanly cut value stream at team level.After a short coffee break, Prof. Dr. Georg Herzwurm on the subject of "Errors in agile IT management". He put his focus on a scientifically differentiated consideration of agile process models and emphasized that the present framework conditions of a development project should play a role in the choice of the appropriate process.

The event ended with a get-together, during which the attendees once again got to grips with the issues raised by the speakers and also had a small snack.

Finally, Prof. Dr. Georg Herzwurm and his chair team would like to thank all participants and especially the speakers for their extensive participation.


Is the new agile normal? - A look back into the future

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Prof. Dr. Georg Herzwurm
University of Stuttgart
Chair of Business Administration and Information Systems II

Now it's getting serious: Agile transformation and its consequences. An experience report

4:30 pm - 5:15 pm
Dirk Jahnke
adesso AG

5:15 pm  -  5:45 pm
coffe break

Agile business analysis ... and it all started with a sticky note

5:45 pm  - 6:30 pm
Stefan Schneider
Netze BW GmbH

from 6:30 pm
Snack and opportunity for discussions and discussions in a relaxed atmosphere

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Georg Herzwurm

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. habil.


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