Accreditation and credit transfer

Dept. III: Finance

Here you can find information regarding the accreditation of academic achievements and the transfer of credits

To check the eligibility of recognition, we need official (and thereby verifiable) 
event informations ("Course descriptions", also possible in English) with detail information on:

  • (1) Outline ("Course content"),
  • (2) Literature ("Bibliography"),
  • (3) Semester (1st, 2nd, 3rd-year),
  • (4) Number of hours per week as well as
  • (5) attainable credits.

Mainly and especially in Anglo-Saxon countries, information is provided as a "OnePager" on the respective university homepages. Thus e.g. a verifiable internet link would be enough.

Particularly the Erasmus Universities should adhere to these standard procedures.
Of course we also take the recognition of academic achievements which have been achieved outside of Europe.

The calculation of the equivalent number of credit points for the recognition is made in accordance with the following formula (e.g. USA):
(Foreign Credits / "Full-time student credits per semester") x credit points for the full-time study in Stuttgart per semester (4 ECTS = 4 LP).

Accordingly, we need information on the semester extent, measured in the number of credit hours, i.e. an indication of "Full-time student credits per semester" at the respective university as well as the credit points/semester periods per week per semester in Stuttgart. 

Please hand in all documents of the corresponding course couples well sorted in order to enable a faster editing process.

For general questions concerning the recognition of academic achievements, please contact our secretariat. The contact information for the different courses on our chair can be found here.

further information on the acknowledgment of examination performance by the examination office


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