Below you find a list of publications of all members of the Department of Marketing.

Wir veröffentlichen unsere Forschungsergebnisse regelmäßig in national und international renommierten Fachzeitschriften, Konferenzbeiträgen und Büchern. Im Jahr 2020 hat die WirtschaftsWoche diese Forschungsleistung durch die Auszeichnung „Junge Wilde“, in der die forschungsstärksten Betriebswirte unter 40 Jahre im deutschsprachigen Raum ermittelt werden, gewürdigt.

Wielgos, D., Homburg, Ch., Kuehnl, C. (2021), Digital business capability: its impact on firm and customer performance, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, forthcoming.

Imschloss, M. & Kuehnl, C. (2019), Feel the Music! Exploring the Cross-modal Correspondence between Music and Haptic Perceptions of Softness, Journal of Retailing, 95(4), 158-169.

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Homburg, Ch. & Kuehnl, C. (2014), Is the More Always Better? A Comparative Study of Internal and External Integration Practices in New Product and New Service Development, Journal of Business Research, 67 (07), 1360–1367.

Kuehnl, C. & Mantau, A. (2013), Same Sound, Same Preference? Investigating Sound Symbolism Effects in International Brand Names, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 30 (04), 417–4 20.

Homburg, Ch., Fürst, A. & Kuehnl, C. (2012), Ensuring International Competitiveness: A Configurative Approach to Foreign Marketing Subsidiaries, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 40 (02), 290–312.

Homburg, Ch., Wieseke, J. & Kuehnl, C. (2010), Social Influence on Salespeople's Adoption of Sales Technology: A Multilevel Analysis, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 38 (02), 159–1 68.


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