Dept. VIII: Information Systems II

Recognition of achievements

Information about the recognition of achievements.

Process of recognition of achievements

Please fill out the document in ILIAS (Anerkennung_von_Leistungen_Vorlage.pdf) in detail for the recognition of exams and attach all relevant documents to the form you can find below.

If you are planning to go abroad you should fill out the form BEFORE your semester abroad begins.

The following criteria must be fulfilled for the recognition of exams:

  • Equivalence in the extent (ECTS) and the content oft he lecture/tutorial (Type of Event) proven with lecture notes, module descriptions, used literature, etc.
  • Equivalence in exam duration, type of exam and exam content proven with passed exams, module descriptions, note extract, or the like
  • Evidence of exam results (note extract) and type of exam (written examination, case studies, or the like) including identity proof 

  • Direct requests in the secretary during consultation-hours of the research associates cannot be edited.



Sixten Schockert
Dr. rer. pol.

Sixten Schockert

Lecturer and Researcher

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