Degree theses

Department X: General Business Management and Operations Management

Here you can find additional information about degree theses at the Chair of Operations Management at the University of Stuttgart.

It is possible to write final theses (bachelor thesis / master thesis) in cooperation with department X. An in-depth understanding of the contents, which are conveyed within our courses, is presumed.
Furthermore, Bachelor theses (regardless of the language used for the example topics below) can be written in German or English; Master theses should be written in English.

Topic suggestions for degree theses

  • Ramping-down production capacity: literature review and conceptualization
  • Conceptualizing hybrid approaches between trade-offs and "everything goes"
  • Ein dynamisches Modell von strategischen Trade-offs und Barrieren
  • Entscheidungsbereiche der Produktionsstrategie in stagnierenden Märkten
  • Development of a model of the paper reviewing process

  • Degrowth and capacity ramp-down in Forrester’s market growth model
  • “Factory Physics” using system dynamics--a teaching intervention
  • Endogeneous demand (e.g. based on service-level) in a dynamic production model
  • Effects of different forecasting methods and quality in a dynamic production model
  • Occurrence of overconfidence bias in the Beer Distribution Game (experiment)
  • Is the objective and/or subjective complexity of management increasing? An empirical study.
  • Modelling and evaluating resource-based and market-based strategies in stagnating markets using system dynamics
  • The dynamics of unintended consequences--literature and conceptual study
  • Recasting an analytical quality management model into a simulation approach

No suitable topic for your thesis?

Please note that the list does not claim to be complete. If you don´t find a suitable topic for your bachelor or master thesis here, please get in touch with our research assistants working in the various fields.

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