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Please use for any request only the contact adress you can find below.

The following list contains topic suggestions for Diploma-, Bachelor-, Master theses and project studies. The specific configuration (can and) should be discussed and matched with your supervisor. Of course, the topics can be adjusted with specfic need of the supervisor in a limited context. 


Topics supervised by WIUS can serve not only the content in teaching, but also research interests and current dissertation projects. Students who want to write their thesis with companies (e.g. in the context of a working student or internship) are strongly advised to contact WIUS BEFORE signing a contract for topic coordination. In any case, own topic suggestions are to be proposed in the same form as the topics defined by the chair.

If you are interested in a thesis at the chair, please use the contact address below and refrain from direct inquiries to the staff.

A mini exposé of max. attach 1 page based on the sheet for scientific work, which particularly emphasizes the relationship to research carried out by the chair.

Proposed theses

Problem definition

For companies in IT industry it is increasingly rare to appear merely as producers and marketers of their products. Rather they are part of complex value network and their products are starting point or a complement of so called software platforms. In this relation design and management of software interfaces between the platform and the complementary products have a special meaning.

Goal of the thesis

Based on a literature research there should initially be the development of a classification of important software interfaces Based on this technical as well as organizational challenges regarding the development and marketing of enterprise software should be identified.


Felix Schönhofen

Goal of the thesis

Requirements for a platform enhancing interactive exchange for member companies and students of the business administration institute should be identified.Based on a situation analysis of comparable solutions the requirements of stakeholders should be collected and structured to implement a communication platform based on this knowledge.


Dr. Sixten Schockert

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