Dept. IX: Chair of International and Strategic Management

Further information regarding our research focus.

Short introduction of the Chair of International and Strategic Management

The Chair of International and Strategic Management views itself as an entity that stands for high-standard research and teaching-related service orientation. Under the direction of Professor Oesterle a highly-motivated team of young scholars with sound in-depth knowledge in their respective field, methodological skills and the necessary creativity is working to achieve these goals.

The Chair offers lectures and tutorials in the fields of International and Strategic Management for undergraduate and graduate programmes. In contrast to other management areas which focus on function-specific in-depth knowledge, the subject of International and Strategic Management is to conduce general comprehensive management knowledge concerning international and strategic management issues. Both theoretically consolidated knowledge and practical management skills are simultaneously basic elements of teaching and training.

This approach complies with the Chair’s policy which states that good teaching should be based upon and be integrativly combined with a fundament of well-grounded research. Thus, the Chair’s research objectives consist of producing first-class research results and their publication as conference papers and articles in academic journals. Amongst other respective activities, the Chair of International and Strategic Management recently finished a project in cooperation with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jan Fisch (University of Augsburg/WU Wien) which was sponsored by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft). Beside an impetus for other research projects various stimuli for teaching have evolved from this joint research project. For example, as a part of project seminars, students tried to theoretically reconstruct the connection between firms’ internationalization and their success and analyze these connections by distinct empirical studies. These studies can be perceived as an example for the Chair’s concept of exploratory learning.

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Central focus of the Chair

  • Dynamic and Succes of Internationalization Processes
  • Development of a Multi-dimensional Measuring-concept for the DOI of Firms
  • Coordination of International Business Activities
  • (International) Corporate Governance
  • Internationalization Strategies and their Impact Factors


  • Strategic Management (Bachelor)
  • Basics of International Management (Bachelor)
  • Intercultural Management (Bachelor)
  • Theory and Empirical Studies of International Business (Master)
  • Strategic Coordination Instruments and Concepts for International Firms (Master)


  • Seminar International Management (Bachelor)
  • Seminar Core Theories, Concepts, and Methods of International Management (Master)


Keplerstraße 17, D-70174 Stuttgart, 10th Floor, Room 10.052

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