Dept. VII: Information Systems I

The AM-Lab we strive to answer the question how IT capabilities, IT systems and IT infracture can support the use of additive manufacturin in industrial companies.

The research field, Additive Manufacturing (AM) at the chair of Information Systems, pursues the role of information systems and business processes in context of industrial manufacturing with AM.

Central starting points are operational processes concerning AM products, from idea to tangible geometry. These processes, linked to relevant steps in the life cycle of an AM product, form the basis of the investigation of effects that AM has on information systems.

Accordingly, apart from design and technical product requirements like CAD systems, also economical systems, like ERP-systems, are a focus of the research field.

The research question, how IT-Capabilities, IT-Systems, and IT-infrastructures can best support the application of AM in industrial (middle-class) companies, is addressed in the AM-Lab in close collaboration with practice.


This image shows Dominik Morar

Dominik Morar


Academic employee

This image shows Kathrin Schumacher

Kathrin Schumacher


Academic employee

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