Dept. VII: Information Systems I

The main fields of research are integrated systems and infrastructures of decision and management support (business intelligence and analytics).

These concepts become important in the areas e.g. of corporate performance and corporate governance management, real- time business and customer relationship management. Our ranges of topics are the analysis and design of effective BI-application systems, as well as the configuration, implementation, and operation of the needed BI-infrastructure.

Our philosophy is “research through development” as a version of action research. Therefore close-cooperation with associations, software providers, users and advisors is most important.

Foundation of our research is a generic framework that structures our field of study - business intelligence. During our research projects this framework is continuously developed further. Moreover, business intelligence is understood as a group of themes that need to be embedded in overlapping operational and governance concepts (IT-service management). These concepts are also seen as cross sectional tasks of our chair.


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Henning Baars


Executive assistant

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