Opportunities for Cooperation

Please find here information on how to cooperate with our department.

We are happy to support you in a mutual knowledge transfer between our research and/or teaching and your practical marketing activities. We offer several opportunities for cooperation.

1. Practitioners in the Classroom

In our lecture series "Practitioners in the Classroom", we invite industry professionals to visit us at the University of Stuttgart as guest speakers and help our students gain insight into the practical marketing world as well as build bridges between teaching and practice.

2. Joint Research Projects

Joint research projects may include but are not limited to scientific theses (e.g., bachelor or master thesis) and consultancy projects. Alongside a problem analysis, a realistic timetable and a project kick-off, we offer systematic surveys of previous research, analyses geared towards your specific needs as well as a break-down of the implications of our research for your company.

3. PhD projects

You can support one or more PhD candidates by financing their jobs so they can systematically and methodically examine questions of relevance for you during their PhD research.

4. Knowledge Transfer

We are happy to share our knowhow and the latest results of our research with you through customized lectures/talks, seminars, trainings, and workshops.


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Annika Wagner


Research Assistant

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