Visiting the Würth Group

February 24, 2023 / Ilka Schwittlinsky

Excursion of our team to the Würth Group

What an exciting day lies behind us:

We, Nicole Pagnia, Marco Weippert, Leon Lehnert, Jakob Weidig, Annika Wagner and Christina Kühnl followed the invitation of our doctoral student Giulia Kuznik from Würth IT GmbH to combine our doctoral research seminar with a visit to Würth Group.

Besides Giulia's and Leon's insights into their research projects about ‘digital sales’ and ‘empathy and digital customer experience’, we had the chance to tour the sacred halls of Würth and its brand-new innovation center CURIO.

Thank you Giulia for making this a memorable doctoral seminar!

from left to right: Prof. Dr. Christina Kühnl, Annika Wagner, Marco Weippert, Leon Lehnert, Nicole Pagnia and Giulia Kuznik.


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