August 31, 2019 / Dimitri Petrik

Represent WIUS at the International Workshop on Software-intensive Business 2019

After the successful submission, WIUS attended the International Workshop on Software-intensive Business 2019 in Tallinn.

The WIUS was represented by Dimitri Petrik at this year's International Workshop on Software-intensive Business. As part of a one-day workshop on start-ups, ecosystems and platforms, the article on the development of platform-based ecosystems in the industrial Internet of Things (iIoT) was presented using the MindSphere platform as an example.

The workshop took place on August 26th in Tallinn at the Sokos Hotel Viru. The workshop was devoted to the big conference in the research field of software engineering ESEF / FSE2019. The presented article was also published by the ACM. In addition to the WIUS, Reutlingen University was represented by Prof. Münch's chair with a maturity model lecture.

The workshop was organized by software engineering and software management professors Kari Smolander and Sami Hyrynsalmi. Prof. Pekka Abrahammson also gave an inspiring lecture on the discipline of software-intensive business.

Further details on the workshop, the program and the proceedings can be found under the link at the bottom of the news.

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