Institute of Business Adminstration

Information Systems at the University of Stuttgart

Welcome to the Homepage of the Information Systems departments at the Universität Stuttgart.

The area of Information Systems at the Universität Stuttgart is represented by two Departments of the Institute of Business Administration. Both units have a distinct track record with numerous research activities in the areas of Information Management (Department VII, Prof. Kemper) and Business Software (Department IX, Prof. Herzwurm).

They are involved in the study programs "technisch orientierte BWL" (Diploma in Business Administration with technical focus), Bachelor and Master of Science (Information Systems) , (two joint study programs with the University of Hohenheim) and as a service provider for several other study programs in german and english at the Universität Stuttgart and the Stuttgart Institute of Management Technology.
They also jointly oversee the "Arbeitskreis Wirtschaftsinformatik" (Information Systems Working Group), a regional bi-annual exchange of experiences between theory and practice.

Please see the following websites for a more detailed view of the departments and their activities in research and teaching.


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