Letters of Recommendation

Please find further information on letters of recommendation from the Department of Business Administration and Marketing below.

If you need a letter of recommendation for applications at national or international universities (e.g., for exchange or master programs) or for scholarships, please be aware of the following information and requirements:

We can only write a letter of recommendation for you, if you have successfully completed at least one course offered by our department (i.e., lecture or seminar).

To ask for a letter of recommendation, please send us the following documents via email as one (!) cumulative document:

  1. Current transcript of records
  2. Ranking – absolute and relative ranking of your current grade in relation to other students in your program of studies (students need to request the ranking at the Prüfungs­amt)
  3. CV
  4. Letter of application / motivation for the program, for which you want us to write the letter of recommendation
  5. If needed, further testimonies (work experience, transcript of recors of A-levels).

Additionally, please include the following information in your email: your name, your matriculation number, your program of studies as well as the name of the university / foundation at which you are applying.

During the writing of the letter of recommendation, you may be asked for a personal interview.

Please note: if we write a letter of recommendation for you, you are obliged to let us know the outcome of your application (acceptance / refusal at unviersity / foundation).

Upon receipt of the documents, writing the letter of recommendation usually takes three to four weeks. Please allow for this time in your application schedule.


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