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Martin Rost

Research Fellow
Chair of Organization


+49 711 685-83645
+49 711 685-82764

Business card (VCF)

Keplerstraße 17
70174 Stuttgart
Room: 6.032

Office Hours

by appointment


  • Strategic competence management
  • Leadership
  • Career course
  • Evaluation of personnel and organization development projects
  • Employee surveys
  • Exercise Organisation: Konzepte und Fallstudien (ST15)
  • Lecture Gestaltungsfelder der Organisation (WT15/16)
  • Exercise Gestaltungsfelder der Organisation (ST16, ST19, ST20)
  • Lecture Organisation und Personalführung (WT19/20)
  • Excercise Organisation und Personalführung (WT17/18, WT18/19, WT19/20)
  • Lecture Human Resource Management (WT16/17, WT17/18, WT18/19, WT19/20)
  • Seminar Organisation


  • 2000-2005: academic studies of Business Administration at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich
  • 2004-2005: Training in systemic consulting (institute for systemic consulting Wiesloch)
  • 2005-2006: postgraduate studies in “Human Resource Management”
  • 2007-2008: certificate for academic teaching in Bavaria
  • 2008-2009: certified project management expert (GPM)
  • 01/2013: Dr. phil. in organizational and business psychologie (Prof. Dr. Lutz von Rosenstiel)
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