Digital Marketing & Sales

In the field of Digital Marketing and Sales, we examine the challenges and identify the drivers of digitization in order to exert a positive influence on firm and customer performance.

Digitization in Marketing

The digital transformation forces many "non-digital players" to develop new capabilities to meet the challenges of digitization. The results of our research show among other things that to have a positive effect on firm and customer performance it is necessary to define and implement (1) a digital strategy, (2) digital integration and (3) digital control.

Key Publication(s)

Wielgos, D., Homburg, Ch., Kuehnl, C. (2021), Digital business capability: its impact on firm and customer performance, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 49 (4), 762-789. 

  • Award:
    • Publication Award 2021 of the Faculty 10: Management, Economics and Social Sciences of the Unviersity of Stuttgart 
    • Prize of the Dr. Artur-Fischer-Foundation for Marla-Sophie Schmid's Master's thesis on "Tweeting top managers – An empirical analysis of the link between male and female top managers' communication style and social media engagement" supervised by Prof. Dr. Christina Kühnl in the category "Marketing and innovative, future-oriented business models" 
  • Knowledge transfer:
    • Homburg, C., Wielgos, D., Kühnl, C. (2019), Digital Business Excellence: Wie die digitale Transformation gelingen kann, Absatzwirtschaft, 06-19, 64-69; IMU Research Insights # 057.
    • University of Stuttgart (2021), Using digital capabilities successfully. Press Information No. 49, Juni 21, 2021.
  • Conference Papers (peer reviewed):
    • Wielgos, D., Kühnl, C. (2019), Digital Business Capability and its Effects on Firm Performance. In: EMAC 2019, Proceedings of the 48th European Conference of the European Marketing Academy, May 28-31, 2019, Hamburg, ISBN: 978-3-9821146-0-6.
    • Homburg, C., Wielgos, D., Kühnl, C. (2019), Digital business capability and its effect on firm performance. In: Lam, S., 2019 AMA Winter Academic Conference: Understanding Complexity, Transforming the Marketplace, February 22-24, 2019, Austin, TX (S. ICM-2), AMA Educators' Proceedings, American Marketing Association; Curran: Chicago, IL; Red Hook, NY.


Digitization in Sales

In the area of sales, digitization leads to many changes and challenges. In this context, we examine among other things the impact of social influences on the adoption of new technologies by salespeople.

Key Publication(s)

Homburg, Ch., Wieseke, J., Kuehnl, C. (2010), Social Influence on Salespeople's Adoption of Sales Technology: A Multilevel Analysis, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 38(02), 159–168.

  • Award: 2009: Best in Track Paper Award, Track: Sales & Relationship Marketing, AMA Winter Educators’ Conference, Tampa, FL.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Scientific Working Papers / Institut für Markt­orientierte Unternehmensführung W125e.
  • (Conference) Papers: AMA Tampa, FL (2009),
  • Conference Papers (peer reviewed): Homburg, C., Wieseke, J., Kühnl, C. (2009), If One Steps Out of the Phalanx: Analyzing Leaders' Influence on Sales Force Automation Adoption with a Four Source Dataset. In: Reynolds, K. (ed.), Marketing Theory and Applications: Proceedings of a meeting held 20-23 February 2009, Tampa, Florida, USA (S. 156-157), AMA Educators' Proceedings, Curran: Red Hook, NY.


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