Product & Innovation Marketing

In the field of Product & Innovation Marketing, we focus on the effects of (new) product design and multi-sensory marketing on consumers and their behavior.

(New) Product Design

In the context of this research focus, we examine questions of how new product design affects consumer behavior, how the effect can be measured across product categories and which role congruency between brand, design and consumer plays.

Key Publication(s)

Homburg, Ch., Schwemmle, M., Kuehnl, C. (2015), New Product Design: Concept, Measurement, and Consequences, Journal of Marketing, 79 (03), 41–56.

  • Awards:
    • Finalist for the 2020 Sheth Foundation / Journal of Marketing Award for “long-term contributions to the field of marketing”
    • 2015 Shelby D. Hunt / Harold H. Maynard Award of the American Marketing Association (AMA) for the most influential theory paper in Journal of Marketing
  • (Conference) Papers: EMAC 2016, Oslo.
  • Knowledge Transfer:
  • Conference Papers (peer reviewed): Kuehnl, C., Schwemmle, M., Homburg, C. (2016), Investigating the Effects of Brand-self and Design-self Congruence on Consumer Behavior. In: Marketing in the Age of Data, Proceedings of the 45th Conference of the European Marketing Academy, May 24-27, 2016, Oslo.


Multisensory Marketing

Multisensory marketing refers to marketing activities, which adress more than one of the consumer’s senses. In our research, we focus on the combination of the haptic and auditory senses and examine how they affect consumer behavior.

Key Publication(s)

Imschloss, M., Kuehnl, C. (2019), Retailers! Can Your Customers Feel Your Music? Investigating Cross-modal Correspondences between Music and Haptic Perceptions, Journal of Retailing, 95 (04), 158-169.

Imschloss, M., Kuehnl, C. (2017), Don’t Ignore the Floor: Exploring Multi-Sensory Atmospheric Congruence between Music and Flooring in a Retail Environment, Psychology & Marketing, 34 (10), 931-945.

  • Award: 2009: Best in Track Paper Award, Track: Sales & Relationship Marketing, AMA Winter Educators’ Conference, Tampa, FL.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Scientific Working Papers / Institut für Markt­orientierte Unternehmensführung W125e.
  • (Conference) Papers: AMA Tampa, FL (2009).
  • Conference Papers (peer reviewed): Homburg, C., Wieseke, J., Kühnl, C. (2009), If One Steps Out of the Phalanx: Analyzing Leaders' Influence on Sales Force Automation Adoption with a Four Source Dataset. In: Reynolds, K. (ed.), Marketing Theory and Applications: Proceedings of a meeting held 20-23 February 2009, Tampa, Florida, USA (S. 156-157), AMA Educators' Proceedings, Curran: Red Hook, NY.



Success Factors in New Product Management

In this research field, we examine (1) whether firm practices within innovative projects differ when it comes to new services and new products and (2) how sound symbolism influences the success of international brand names.

Key Publication(s)

Homburg, Ch., Kuehnl, C. (2014), Is the More Always Better? A Comparative Study of Internal and External Integration Practices in New Product and New Service Development, Journal of Business Research, 67 (07), 1360–1367.

Kuehnl, C., Mantau, A. (2013), Same Sound, Same Preference? Investigating Sound Symbolism Effects in International Brand Names, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 30 (04), 417–420.

  • Award: 2012 Innovation Award for Doctoral theses in the segment market strategy, Schaeffler FAG Stiftung
  • Knowledge Transfer: Absatzwirtschaft 2014; Harvard Business Manager 2014; Markenartikel Magazin 2014; Wirtschaftspsychologie Aktuell 2014.
  • Book: Kühnl, C. (2010), Erfolgsfaktoren im Innovationsmanagement - Eine empirische Betrachtung aus Hersteller- und Anwendersicht, Wiesbaden, Gabler, Dissertationsschrift.
  • Book Chapters: Homburg, Ch., Kühnl, C. (2011), Nichtlineare Effekte im Management von Dienstleistungs- und Produktinnnovationen: Eine vergleichende Studie, in: Bruhn, M., Hadwich, K. (Hrsg.) Dienstleistungsproduktivität - Innovationsentwicklung, Internationalität, Mitarbeiterperspektive, Band 2, 1. Auflage, 101–123, Wiesbaden, Gabler.
  • (Conference) Papers: AMA Boston, MA (2010), AMA Austin, TX (2011), AMA St. Petersburg, FL (2012), EMAC Istanbul (2012).
  • Conference Papers (peer reviewed):
    • Kuehnl, C., Mantau, A. (2013), No more “Lost in Translation “by Applying Sound Symbolism in International Brand Names. In: Lost in Translation: Marketing in an Interconnected World, Proceedings of the 42nd Conference of the European Marketing Academy, June 4-7, 2013, Istanbul.
    • Kuehnl, C., Goecke, C. (2012), Firm-internal Consequences of Customer Integration in New Product Development. In: Marketing to Citizens: Going beyond Customers and Consumers, Proceedings of the 41th Conference of the European Marketing Academy, May 23-26, 2012, Lisbon.
    • Homburg, C., Kühnl, C., Wieseke, J. (2012), Will it Ever Fly? The Neglected Role of the Firm-Internal Uncertainty-Adoption-Performance Chain. In: Bharadwaj, S.; Hulland, J. (ed.), Marketing Theory and Applications: Proceedings of a meeting held 17-19 February 2012, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA (S. 126), AMA Winter and Summer Educators' Conference Proceedings, Curran: Red Hook, NY.
    • Homburg, C., Kühnl, C., Wieseke, J. (2011), Firm-Internal Drivers of New Product Performance: The Neglected Role of Internal Adoption and Perceived New Product Uncertainty. In: Srinivasan, R., McAlister, L. (ed.), AMA Winter Educators’ Conference 2011, Marketing Theory and Applications (S. 130-131), Austin, Texas, USA, 18-20 February 2011, Curran: Red Hook, NY.
    • Homburg, C., Kühnl, C. (2010), Apples and apples or apples and oranges? A comparative analysis of success drivers in new product and new service development. In: Iyer, E., Coulter, R. (ed.), AMA Summer Educators Conference 2010: Enhancing knowledge development in marketing, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 13-16 August, 2010 (S. 186), AMA Educators' Proceedings, American Marketing Association; Curran: Red Hook.


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