Research Foci

Abt. V: Lehrstuhl für Controlling

The research foci are structured in the following four clusters.

Research Cluster

Research Cluster A – Performance Management

Guiding Research Question
How can performance be measured and managed on the individual, center, corporate, and network level?

Research Cluster B – Corporate Resilience Lab

Guiding Research Question
How can firms develop their capabilities to cope with unforeseen and threatening events and developments and to create new competencies out of it, which make them even more competitive?

Research Cluster C – Behavioral and Neuro-Accounting Lab

Guiding Research Question
What effects do accounting information and management controls have on cognitive processes of individuals in decision-making or judgement contexts?

Research Cluster D – Regulatory Management

Guiding Research Question
How can regulatory systems be designed consistently and how can firms manage regulatory requirements?

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